Nothing More, Nothing Less

Relaxed and loving life. I'm very proud to say that particular statement for this first time in a very long time. In the past, I've been dealt the reality equivalent of a 7-2 offsuit many times. Sometimes I'll fold and just sit back and wait on the next hand. Others.., well, lets just say I like to try faith. Unfortunately, that same instinct to go out and put my hand in a tank of sharks so to speak, has gotten me bit plenty of times. 

Now we move on to today. I'm really beginning to understand what people mean when they tell you, "everything you do today, has an affect on way more tomorrow." I've thrown caution out the window and I just want to be apart of everything again. It took a great deal of courage to IM someone this past week, but I couldn't just sit back and allow that person to feel so sad and torn apart when they really deserved better. Now, it's with that very same person that I feel like I'm Michael Ware when we talk. Honestly, I've never been able to just be me while talkin to any female. I've always had to adjust in some way thats appealing to them.

Chill! No, Michael Ware isn't over his head. I know exactly what I'm saying and I really could care less what people think. Through my view, we are great friends. Friendship. Nothing more, nothing less. Two people that have very similar thoughts about every subject and have no problem addressing those subjects with each other. Take it how you read it. I'll let you guys determine what you take out of this entry.

Now I leave you guys with music to vibe to when reading this specific post.

I'll Erase Away Your Pain - The Whatnauts


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