Yup folks, it just keeps getting better. This time around Techie Diva is the blog that gets the center of attention. HP is doing a magnificent job this year and they are giving away some great products.

Please be sure to check out:
Techie Diva for everything geeky with a feminine twist (MALES ARE ALLOWED, LEAVE ME ALONE!)
Techie Diva's HP Magic Giveaway so you can enter this wonderful contest
HP Magic Official Giveaway Page for more information

Best of Luck!!

No Really...come join the fun HP is having and share the spirit of giving this holiday season.

To me this holiday season is all about giving as much as I can. This past year I've been an emotional wreck and it has taken a great toll on my family. I lost a lot this past year and winning this competition would really raise my spirits and allow me to say thanks to everyone that carried me through my struggles. I only have interest for the TouchSmart and everything else will be given away to friends and family whom supported me when there were days I didn't have a place to sleep. Even if I don't win I just want to say thanks to you guys for the opportunity in helping me

Happy Holidays,

Michael Ware

All in the goodness of the holidays people. Please check out THIS and this wonderful site for more information



Want a GANG load of nice stuff from HP? Simple just sign up and enter here :

http://jk9.qlnk.net/ #glmagic


back at it again....stay tuned....

And He's Still At It

Maroon Boom...

This is my homie.....

Baron you a fool kid! Good luck with the Clippers this year.....

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