Long Distance Relationships.....

How to even begin on such a subject. Personally, I have no problems with a long distance relationship. Love is love. Two people shouldn't let anything stand in their way from expressing their attraction to each other. For them to even agree on such a challenge its kind of a notification that those people are willing to do whatever. Seriously. I've had the opportunity to be apart of one and it's crazy because that long distance relationship was better than I've ever had. Maybe because in my view there was basically NO ONE around that could make me happy. 

Doesn't matter what you have to do. Talk on AIM, call each other, Skype, or whatever it may be. It can work with a little bit of effort. No matter what the distance is. Set up a plan later in the year to meet each other some type of way. 

It's 4:07 AM and I jot this down on my laptop because it's really starting to bug me. I mean I just don't know. It's hard to describe some things. Sometimes you just have a feeling from the moment some things are said. For me personally, I know love is not where I'm at. I'm never looking here. If my soulmate is possibly in Ireland then so be it. I chase her everyday. People should just realize that sometimes local isn't always right. Long distance relationships aren't all that bad. I've been in one. I plan on being in more quite possibly.

I believe in the concept of fast love. Love at first sight or whatever anyone wants to call it. If it happens across a couple states, so be it. I know the facts about it and I understand that it's definitely real despite what anyone may say. 

I have so much to talk about on this subject. I'll return with possibly a "part 2" of the discussion. Anyone feel free to hit me up on AIM (x1xprimex1x). It's rough for me to reveal a lot on here.

Falling in love with someone means wanting to know about everything that makes them tick, from their likes and dislikes to their life experiences.  Just be willing to learn about them slowly, be understanding, and let love at first sight develop into a lifelong romance!

Chill!! See a lot of people understand where I'm coming from. Do YOU!?


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